This was important to his business. He wanted to work with this potential new client. We sat in his office and I listened to the presentation. communication-style-presentations While listening, I analyzed his communication style. Overall, it was okay. It was good. It wasn’t, however, great. And it had to be great.

For our small business client, this was a big presentation. This had the potential to be a long term, very profitable customer. The presentation I listened to was like vanilla ice cream. Good. Enjoyable. Not memorable.

To get the presentation more exciting and more focused, we needed to discover more about the audience he was going to present to.

Our client shared with us that the owner, as well as, their finance person was going to be there. Both of these people were numbers driven. And after asking our client to share more details on the attendees, we soon concluded that their personality styles were ‘analytical’. (In our last e-newsletter, we discussed the ‘driver’ personality).

Once we knew the audience and their communication style, we set about to design a customized presentation. The presentation would be structured to resonate with ‘analytical clients’.

Analytical personalities are a combination of introverts and thinkers. They are thorough, cautious, process driven and precise. To effectively communicate with them, we designed my client’s presentation so it would build slowly and thoroughly. We developed excellent questions that he would ask, so he could understand the key details. We wanted to ensure he was accurate in the details he shared during the meeting. And finally, he would avoid seeking a quick decision.

Our client practiced the presentation until he was very comfortable and confident. After the presentation he called me with the details. His voice, however, was sober. He sounded down trodden.

I wondered – what had gone wrong?

A moment later, he laughed heartily. He was just having fun with me.  The presentation was a huge success.  The customer agreed that they should start to work together and they’re now finalizing the details.

Take a moment to think back to some of your recent client presentations.  Did you take time to review and understand your client’s communication style? Did you design your presentation to connect with them, or did you do your standard presentation?

If you feel your communication style needs a boost, and you no longer like delivering vanilla type presentations, reach out to us. After all, you deserve greater results. Don’t you?