He asked me, “Are business opportunities everywhere?”

I said, “It depends. It depends if you’re looking for them – or not.”

He said, “What does that mean?”

I said you want to be on the lookout for opportunities every day, everywhere. He said “okay” – but I knew he wasn’t quite grasping the concept. So I gave him some ideas that I’ll share with you.

Finding Business Opportunities

It only takes a small effort to be on the lookout for opportunities. First of all, we recommended that he set up an ‘opportunity file’ in his computer. Second, we recommended he create a file folder and name it ‘opportunities’.  Now he had a simple yet effective yet system to capture the opportunities that he would come across.

Collecting Business Opportunity Ideas

I explained the idea further. I shared with him that he could collect opportunities from many sources. Some were obvious. Others weren’t. When he read an article on the internet or on a blog for instance, he could capture the idea by filing it in his ‘opportunity file’ in his computer. When he read a trade magazine or a newspaper and there was something interesting, he could tear it out and file it in the newly created file folder.

Less obvious places to find opportunities were listening to the radio, watching TV and even seeing billboards. When he saw an idea, he could now make note of it on his tablet, phone or even a pad of paper.

Initially, my client started slowly. Soon, however, he started to embrace this idea. He captured more and more ideas and potential opportunities. He marveled at all the ideas he had collected in just a month.  One opportunity he captured, reviewed, and followed up on started off as a small opportunity. Then it grew. This opportunity gathered momentum and soon it was a significant new source of revenue for his business. And it all started because he had a system to gather opportunities.

Developing a Process for Capturing Business Opportunities

Do you have a ‘system’ to capture business opportunities?

If you did have a ‘system’ how could that help your business?

Create a way to capture ideas. This will lead to opportunities that will help you and your business achieve greater results. The results you deserve.