It was top secret.Capitalize-on-Global-Opportunities

He was speaking directly to the CEO and no one else. If they won, their company had to act very quickly.

They planned out every detail. Then they went over it again. They were as prepared as they could be. Now it was up to the team and the final match.

The team and the match I’m referring to was the German Football team in the World Cup. Let me explain.

I was golfing with a Senior Director of Lufthansa Airlines. He shared with me that as Germany progressed further in the World Cup, the airline wanted to do something special if they won. As you know – they did win.

As soon as they won, a special group at Lufthansa went into hyper-action mode. They started by putting the final touches on a repainted 747 airplane with the World Cup logo and World Cup Champions prominently displayed. Then they changed the name of this plane from Lufthansa – to ‘Fanhansa – World Cup Champions’ across the fuselage. Within an hour of Germany winning, the plane was airborne from Frankfurt to Brazil.  Once there, they picked up the entire team and headed back to Germany. This is where it gets even more interesting.

The airline wanted to do something extra special for the country and their fans. They asked for and received a special permit from the government for a ‘fly over’. When the plane arrived back in Germany they flew the 747 over the famed Brandenburg Gate in Berlin at an altitude of 1000 feet. As the plane came towards the gate, the pilot did a wing salute, where he dipped the wings up and down to indicate a motion like ‘hello’ to the people below.

The large crowd was dressed in German colors, enthusiastically waved flags, chanted and celebrated their win. No one thought the crowd would be this large. Over 1 million well wishers celebrated. This million plus crowd was there to witness this creatively decorated plane carrying their new heroes.

My golfing friend shared with me that the airline wanted to capitalize on the global opportunity for their company and their country. He told me that they worked very hard to seize this opportunity to do something very special.

Let me ask you a question:

What opportunities can you creatively capitalize on today?