Many entrepreneurs struggle with revenue development because they are not communicating communicating-effectivelyeffectively.

Let me share a story about one of our small business clients that was frustrated with her business results, due to poor communication.

She was in a recent sales slump. There weren’t many new clients over the past few months. To help determine what might be the reason, we decided to do some role playing. I would be the buyer and she would be the seller. She decided that she would deliver her presentations using a few of her different products, while I adopted different ‘buying personalities’.

Together we communicated back and forth in business like scenarios, as she presented in her usual presentation style. After she finished her presentations, I knew why she was in a revenue slump. She wasn’t doing this one thing. Perhaps you don’t do this either.

What’s this ‘one thing’?

It’s adjusting your communication style, so that you are communicating effectively with potential clients.

Let me explain. Her communication style in these role playing exercises was the same even though I presented different types of ‘buyer personalities’.  For example, one of the buyer personalities I used was a ‘driver personality’.  These types of individuals are dominant, independent, candid and efficient.  To communicate effectively with them you have to be brief, direct and confident.  You need to focus on results.

As I explained this type of buyer personality, and how she could communicate more effectively to them, her eyes began to light up. She smiled. She got it.

Her communication style all too frequently had been the same, regardless of the buyers communication personality. Since we’ve been working on this concept in one-on-one strategy sessions, she has picked up 2 new clients and 3 others are very interested in working with her.

In this newsletter, we highlighted a ‘driver personality’. There are 3 other types: Analytical, Amiable and Expressive. In future newsletters and in our blog, we’ll discuss how to effectively communicate with these different ‘buyer personalities’.

If you’re in a revenue slump, or you feel you’re not communicating as effectively as you could, take a moment to review your recent interactions. What’s working? What’s not working? What do you need to change?

And, if they aren’t getting you the results you deserve, reach out to us.

John Marshall
Results Driven
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