Connecting With Your Clients

Connecting With Your Clients

Recently, I saw a very creative display that connected this business to their clients’.

It was at the Vancouver Airport.  It was a creative idea to connect with their clients. As I walked to the plane, I saw a hallway that had been decorated with hundreds of pictures, taken by passengers. There were pictures of mountains, sunsets, cities, fields, rivers in all four seasons, which were taken from people as they were flying.

As I looked at each picture they were special. They were unique. They were individual. And they connected their clients to the joy of flying as they departed or arrived at this airport. It’s a terrific idea.

When was the last time you connected with your clients?

When have you asked for your clients input on an idea? (Like the airport did in getting photographs from their clients.)

If you reconnected with your clients, and asked for their ideas, how do you think they could help your business?