Curb Appeal – Does Your Business Have It?

In real estate, curb appeal is a common term. It’s the feeling you get when you first set eyes on your possible new home from the curb. It’s that first impression.

Does the home have good appeal for them?

Curb appeal also applies to so many other businesses.

On a recent business trip, we were walking around the city looking for a good restaurant. The hotel had recommended several restaurants, but we also wanted to see what appealed to us.

On one particular street, there were at least 15 restaurants within a few minutes walk. The selection of food and décor was endless. It was a wonderful warm autumn evening and the restaurants’ patios were enticing.

For a few moments, we just decided to people watch. We wanted to see what other people were doing. Which restaurant would they choose to spend their time and money?

Soon one restaurant became the front runner. People, who were undecided, selected this restaurant more than any other. We wondered why.

As we began to look more closely at this restaurant and compared it to the others, subtle differences became apparent. It was cleaner. It was more colourful. It had different energy.

The awnings over the door sparkled. The flowers in the outdoor boxes were fresh and well watered. The patio was very clean. The tables that weren’t full were tidy, and each had flowers in the centerpiece. The energy of the staff outside also seemed attentive and accommodating.

We ultimately had dinner there as well.

So how does curb appeal apply to your business?

When new clients do business with you, what is their impression?

Do all parts of your business look professional?

Are your marketing materials creative and unique?

Could your business do with a little make over?

Paying attention to your clients’ first impression can affect your bottom line. Often small changes can make a big impact. Revising and enhancing your business curb appeal can be a fun, good team building exercise and may be long overdue.

We’ve helped many clients maximize their curb appeal with our `success system.’ It’s helped them to achieve greater results.

How can we help you achieve the business results you deserve?

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