Sometimes our clients can’t attend our workshops for a variety of reasons.

For clients like you that can’t join us, we’ll bring the program to you.

What do we mean?

The training can be done in person, over Skype, Facetime or we’ll come to your work place. We’ll teach your team all or some of our 12 Success Strategies.


We’ve worked with clients in over 22 different industries to help them and their team greater results.

Some examples include: delivering a dynamic training interactive workshop to the national sales team at a Food Brokerage Company.

We’ve delivered an interactive customer service and sales training workshop to a national franchise company.

We worked with the sales and marketing team at one of the largest spas in the country and increased their revenue 11% in just 3 months.


In addition to our program, and custom training, we also help companies, organizations and non-profits with special projects.

One recent example is a special project with the City of Kenmore. We were brought in to help improve the efficiency of their building permitting process.

Using ‘Lean Methodologies’ we improved their process by over 700 hours from their present system and procedures.

This was so significant in terms of hours saved, dollars saved, and increased focus and morale, that the city won an award from the Association of Cities of Washington State.

We were proud to them win that prestigious honor.

We’ve delivered our program across North America and we would welcome a conversation on how we can help you and your team.