Doing That Little Extra For Your Clients

We all like to be treated special.

We like that little bit of extra attention. Too often, however, we get poor or only mediocre service, don’t we?

Let me explain what happened to me recently during my first visit to this car dealership.

For many of us, car dealerships’ service levels can be average and inconsistent. I had to take my car in for some repairs. The engine light was on and I thought I knew what the problem was. Nevertheless, I was concerned.

My first encounter was with a repair department associate. I was pleasantly surprised. She was friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely wanted to help.

After I explained my situation and shared my preliminary diagnosis, she said they would do some initial testing, and she would call me. She then asked if I needed a ride to my next appointment. As I was going downtown, I took their shuttle service to my client workshop.

A few hours later, she called to let me know the situation. It was a minor repair, and they charged me for half an hour, instead of the usual minimum one hour.


I’ve never experienced this from any car dealership before – particularly a dealership on my first visit. Usually the final bill and hours charged have always been calculated in the car dealerships favour.

After I finished a business coaching workshop, I took their shuttle back to the car dealership. The same repair associate was there to greet me with a big smile. She explained the exact work they did on my car. After thanking her, I picked up my car.

As I looked at my car, however, I was puzzled. Something didn’t look quite right.

Then it dawned on me.

I had brought the car in very dirty that morning, and it was in desperate need of a good wash. That’s exactly what they did.

The car sparkled. The car looked great. Staring at the car, I was impressed. Very impressed.

I had discovered a short while earlier on the shuttle ride back to the dealership, that the owner had numerous other car dealerships. He had built quite a business.

He had, however, once been a solo entrepreneur. He only had a small business in Vancouver. At the very beginning, one of his core beliefs was to deliver exceptional customer service. He invested in training and coaching for every team member. He also believed every employee was an entrepreneur.

He knew his company would succeed with the right business vision and entrepreneurial mind set. This humble owner started with one car dealership and he’s continuing to accelerate his growth today.

Let’s look at your business.

– When was the last time you impressed your clients?
– Have you recently `wowed’ them?
– Has anyone on your team made a client feel special this month?

If you haven’t made your customers’ feel special recently- start to do that. Start small, but start.

By making your customers’ feel special, you’ll also feel special. It’ll also help you get greater results. The results you deserve.

John Marshall
Results Driven
Business Coaching Success System

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