The Results Driven Program

What results can I expect from the Program?

The increase in your results will be significant. They will be sustainable. Members in our Program typically experience a double digit increase in revenue. Their profits are increasing. They’re adding new employees.  They’re acquiring new customers. They’re keeping their existing customers and deepening those relationships. They’re business is becoming more productive and efficient. Members are having significantly more free time.

In addition to quantifiable results, members feel more in control of the future of their business. They feel excited. They’re now capitalizing on new opportunities. They’re enjoying their business much more.

The Program isn’t a 1 day seminar. It’s not a series of webinars. It’s not an online course. The Program is meeting face-to-face with fellow entrepreneurs. You share business practices, talk openly, and help each other be more successful.

Why should I join the Program?

The Program has a proven step-by-step system that works. Period.

Program Design: Our Program structure and design is unique. There are 12 Success Strategies that you haven’t heard or learned before. These will help you to significantly increase your focus, creativity and revenue.

Workshops: Our workshops occur every 60 days. Having workshops every month is too often. Meeting every quarter is not frequent enough. Meeting every two months is the ideal spacing between workshops. It allows you to implement the new Success Strategy, as well as, work on your goals and plans.

One-2-One Strategy Calls: Very few training companies have these calls built into the design of their Program. Instead, they offer a ‘group’ call. A group call isn’t personalized. A group call won’t help you to address your individual business issues and opportunities. We have one-2-one calls, because they help each member achieve greater results.

Experience: We’ve worked with clients in over 25 different industries. There are very few industries that we haven’t significantly helped. We’ve also been training entrepreneurs for over 10 years.

How much does the Program cost?

When you join the Program, one of the very first objectives we set together is to make the Program – cost neutral.

That is, we want to increase your revenue and profits to cover the cost of the Program. Most members in fact, increase their revenue so significantly that they’ve received a 5 or 10 times return on their investment into the Program.

The investment in the Program is based on a price for the full year, paid for in monthly installments. Contact our office to get specific details.

Can I experience the Program before I join?

Yes. We believe that you want to make certain this Program will benefit you and your business. That’s why we allow a select number of small business owners and entrepreneurs to join our workshop – as our guest. Contact our office to see if you qualify to attend our next event.

What types of entrepreneurs join the Program?

These entrepreneurs are like you. They’ve been on seminars, webinars, taken courses, read a lot on the internet, but they know something is missing. When the entrepreneurs hear about our Program they knew this was what they were looking for. The members in the Program are from over 25 different industries. They join our Program because it’s what they’ve been searching for, and they’re glad they took the action to sign up.

What are the qualifications to join?

To qualify in the Results Driven Program you must be an entrepreneur. We define an entrepreneur as a business owner; professional in your own practice; solo entrepreneur, or a commissioned sales person. You have been in business for at least one full year, and it’s a full time position.

If you’re only starting your business, or your thinking of starting a business, we have another option. It’s not part of this Program, so please contact our office.

We find entrepreneurs who benefit from the Results Driven Program have these characteristics:

  • Know deep down that their business is capable of more
  • Committed to having more success
  • Open to new ideas and concepts
  • Realize this isn’t a quick fix
  • Can share and participate with fellow entrepreneurs
  • Come to the workshops prepared
  • Don’t give up easily
  • Want to enjoy their work and the rewards it can offer them
How long is the Program?

The Program is initially one year, but you can continue to stay in the Program as long as you like. There are always new ideas, concepts and learning. Our Program and its ‘system’ will change your habits, mind set, confidence and creativity, and you’ll benefit from it for the rest of your life.

In the Program, we’re teaching you new ideas, concepts and a clearly defined Success System. Our Program helps you to make major beneficial changes in your allocation of time. You learn how to focus on your future vision. You’re taught how to deepen your client relationships; maximize your uniqueness; develop revenue more effectively; develop new habits and gain more creativity and focus.

Each year the Program is designed to give you the support and encouragement to help you succeed further. As the Program progresses, you develop relationships with members who are facing similar situations that you’re experiencing in your business. You’ll find this very valuable. You’re with a group of people who understand and can relate to you. You support each other, you encourage each other, you motivate one another, and you grow within the Program.

What happens in the Bi-Monthly Workshop?

The workshops are dynamic, interactive and fast paced. Every 60 days, we meet for a half day workshop from 9am – 1pm for the formal training. The afternoon is optional and we spend time brain storming and problem solving business issues that the members want to discuss.

We start the workshop by recapping the Success Strategy from the previous workshop. Next, members and guests are divided into groups of 3 or 4 fellow entrepreneurs. Members share their progress on their 1 year plan and 60 day goals. They share their wins, accomplishments, and even their challenges since the last workshop. Guests discuss details on their company including their strengths, opportunities and frustrations.

In each workshop, you’ll learn another Success Strategy. There are 12 of them in the Program. These Success Strategies are not the typical ones that you’ve heard or been exposed to before.

The final exercise is to review and revise your 1 year goals and create your next 60 day plan. As your creating your goals and plans, this exercise will stretch you, tap into your creativity and make you dig deep into your business. Your answers and insights will help you to sharpen your planning, build your confidence and increase your momentum. Once you’ve completed your plan, you’ll share it in your second break out group with new colleagues.

One of the biggest benefits of the workshop is the group energy. The energy of a group of passionate, enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are committed to growing, learning and supporting each other is superb. This energy makes each workshop dynamic. The energy charges up the group. The energy of the group is one of the main reasons we designed the Program with such an emphasis on a half day workshop, every 60 days.

Can I do the Workshops only?

Yes. We’ve designed the Program to be flexible. You can join and attend the workshops only. You can also add one-2-one training at any stage during your one year commitment in the Program.

Who started Results Driven?

The Program was started by John Marshall. He started the Program with one clear vision – how can his company help entrepreneurs achieve greater business results.

John started his career in Sales & Marketing with Procter & Gamble after he obtained his business degree. He enjoyed his time at P&G and received excellent training, but deep down he knew he was more of an entrepreneur than a corporate person.

He decided he wanted to expand his entrepreneurial experience, so for 5 years he travelled through Europe, Scandinavia, The Soviet Union, The Middle East, Africa, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and Asia. During this 5 year journey, he met entrepreneurs from all over the world. He heard stories of entrepreneur’s struggles and challenges in capturing new opportunities. This international entrepreneur experience reinforced his idea to one day design a Program to help entrepreneurs succeed.

Before Results Driven was launched, it was carefully designed from years of experience training businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and the U.K.

Today the Program has trained hundreds of small business owners in over 25 different industries to be more successful.

If I can’t attend the workshop what can I do?

We recommend that you make every effort to be at the workshop, but we realize that things come up and you can’t always be there. If you can’t attend, we’ll arrange a convenient time to have a personalized one-2one call, so you’ll learn the latest Success Strategy and how you can apply it to your business.

Other Requests:

We are always open to having a discussion with you to help you with your opportunities or challenges. You might simply be looking for advice or a second opinion. Reach out to us.