He Asked This Question Every Day

Recently I was at a BBQ. There were a number of interesting people to talk to.

During the evening I was introduced to a very successful businessman. He had started his company at a very young age, and he was now semi-retired.

He was able to glide into semi-retirement successfully because he had set up systems, procedures, and trained his staff thoroughly.

As we talked, he shared a number of strategy’s and ideas with me.

Let me share one strategy that was powerful.

It was simple.

It was easy to use every day.

He had his team ask themselves this one question daily – “What have I done for my customers today?”

Initially his team thought it was a good idea, but they didn’t fully embrace it. He had to train and coach them to use it every day, not just occasionally.

With his coaching, this idea became a habit – a powerful habit.

A habit used by everyone throughout the company.

As a team, they began to do many things for their customers. Small things such as:

– getting back to customers as promised
– correcting invoices promptly
– sending clients articles of interest
– giving clients suggestions to help their business
– inviting them to special events

As they embraced this idea, everyone became aligned and focused on the customer. Momentum and motivation became stronger.

Imagine if you used this idea at your company.

– How much could it improve your client relationships?
– How could it help differentiate your company from your competitors?
– How many new opportunities could it bring to your firm?

If you’d like ideas on how to implement this powerful idea in your company, we would welcome your phone call.

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