It Said Look For The Number 9

Many of us are on the business treadmill, rushing from appointment to appointment, meeting to meeting.

To avoid fast food and junk food, I’ll often buy fruit at the grocery store.

On one trip to the grocery store, I was in the fruit and vegetable section and there was an overhead sign that said – look for the number 9.

So, I started to look for the number 9. I looked in the section where I was shopping. I looked down the nearby isles. I even went over to the bakery.

I couldn’t see any number 9.

I spent a few moments looking and then I had to leave.

The next day I was eating a banana. Attached to the outer skin of the banana was a sticker and guess what it said?

Yes, it said look for the number 9.

Can you guess what the number stood for?

Go ahead, take a guess.

The number 9 stood for organic produce.

All fruits, like any product, have a UPC – Universal Product Code.

Produce that is organic is identified by the number 9. And the number 9 is the first number in the UPC.

For example, the UPC for non organic produce will start with another number. It usually is the number 3 or 4 to signify that it is not organic.

As I suddenly had this ‘aha moment’, and now understood what the number 9 stood for, I went back in my mind to the store where I recently shopped.

Something wasn’t right. There was something missing.

The marketing message was creative, but not complete. There was a disconnect. The message was unclear.

The message needed to help consumers connect the number 9 to organic produce. The consumer shouldn’t have to make the leap themselves. The connection to the number 9 and organic produce needed to be clear and concise.

So, let me ask you a question about your messages to your clients.

– Are your messages to your customers clear, or are they occasionally as confusing as searching for the elusive number 9?

– Has your team had to explain your services, products or ideas to your customers multiple times before they ‘get it’?

If you have a slightly nagging feeling that your messages might be unclear, and you know your business is capable of more, we can help.
Many thanks,

John Marshall
Results Driven Program