Like many of you, I’m on the road travelling to client meetings, delivering workshops and meeting with new small business customers.

Recently, I stopped into a McDonalds to get a coffee.

I hadn’t been in a McDonalds in many years.

I noticed it.

Then I visited another location and I noticed there.

McDonalds has been busy doing this.

What I noticed is their new look.

It’s more upscale. It’s more current. It’s even more, dare I say it – trendy.

They’ve removed the Children’s play land.

I didn’t see any historical reference to Ronald McDonald anywhere.

As I was sipping my coffee and looking at their improvements, I thought how important change is to a business.

Many businesses resist change, but I think one of the main reasons they do is because they don’t realize how quickly time has passed.

In their mind, their business might not be leading edge, but it really isn’t that far behind.

Yet their market is changing.

Their industry is changing.

Their customers’ products and services are changing.

As you are reading this, you might be saying – ‘ but John, we don’t have a McDonald’s budget for change.’

I know you don’t.

That’s ok.

The changes I’m thinking of for you and your business are subtle.

They’re customer focused. They’re changes that enhance your relationship with your clients.

They’re changes that make your business more efficient. Make it more productive.
And a lot more fun.

If you want to make changes, but you’re uncertain how to get started, contact us.

For more than 10 years, we’ve been helping clients’ in over 22 industries; make subtle changes to achieve greater results.

We would be glad to have a conversation to see how we can help you.

Many thanks,

John Marshall
Results Driven
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