Our client was experiencing significant growth. His company had reached the stage where they needed another person. This was their second new hire in just 3 months.setting kpis to grow your business

The new employee started off on the right foot. He was keen, motivated and wanted to contribute. My client was pleased with this new team member.

All too soon, however, things began to change. It wasn’t noticeable at first. And then it became more visible.

The new employee was doing satisfactory work, but he wasn’t doing a great job.

He began to cut corners on projects. Too often mistakes were being made on items that already had been discussed.

We were puzzled.

After all, we had carefully planned out how this new team member would contribute to the company. What he would do. What projects needed to be addressed quickly. What the ROI would be.  We set up initial goals and how we would measure his progress.

With this careful planning, we felt this new person would be a valuable contributor to the firm.

So what happened?

The answer was simple.

Expectations weren’t set. They didn’t discuss KPI’s – Key Performance Indicators.

My client thought the new person understood the company culture, client’s needs, managing requests, attention to detail, and being proactive.

To turn this situation around, I recommended that my client begin to have daily discussions with the new person. Share the company vision. Explain the company goals. The KPI’s. Share his expectation for delivering quality and exceptional customer service.

The owner then began to notice the change. It actually happened quite quickly.

The new team member began making a bigger contribution to the company. His dedication improved. His focus was sharper.

Customers began telling the owner how impressed they were with the new person.

When you take time to establish expectations and KPI’s with your next new team member, the only surprise you’ll receive is how productive and effective they are.


John Marshall
Peer Advisory Groups