The Results Driven Program

Small Business Group Workshops + One-2-One Training

Our program is designed to help you work on different areas of your business and to have your goals become a reality. The program is a proven combination of group workshops, and one-2-one training that will help you realize and achieve your vision for your business. We’re going to teach you new creative skills, strategies and knowledge, so you can maintain your growth and make it happen again and again – after you finish our program.

Group Workshops:Results-Driven-Business-Training-Workshop July-2014

What’s Included?

  • 6 Half-Day Workshops Per Year
  • Create A Dynamic 1 Year Plan
  • Design Your 60 Day Goals
  • Learn And Implement New Success Strategies

There are 6 half-day workshops, every two months spread out over 1 year. In the workshop, you’ll step away from your business for half a day to work on important items. In your workbooks, you’ll create and revise your yearly goals. You’ll share your progress. You’ll design a creative plan for the next 60 days. You’ll learn one new Success Strategy from the 12 strategies in our program. You’ll share your plans and ideas with your fellow entrepreneurs and gain valuable, honest feedback. You’ll openly share ideas on each other’s business, as everyone wants each other to be more successful.  At the end of the workshop, you’re energized and you’ll have a clear step-by-step action plan.

One-2-One TrainingJohn Marshall Results-Driven-Business-Training
  • Every Two Weeks

In addition to the workshops, you’ll have one-2-one training every two weeks. During our conversation, we’ll be laser focused on you and your business. We’ll discuss opportunities, blind spots, challenges, the latest Success Strategy and we’ll set a step-by-step plan to help you achieve your priorities.

Program Options
  • Group Workshops + One-2-One Training
  • Group Workshops Only

We want to give new members flexibility to join our program. Therefore, you have two options to choose. You can join the program and benefit from both the Workshops, together with the One-2-One Training; or, you can join and just attend the Workshops only. We allow members to join at either level. Additionally, members have the option to switch program levels at any time during the year.

Do You Live Too Far Away?

We work with many business owners that can’t attend our program for various reasons. Through Skype, Facetime, or visiting your company, we can deliver the program to you and your team.

Attend As Our Guest

Interested in learning more? To experience our workshop, contact us and come as our guest. You’ll collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs as they openly share their plans and you’ll learn new ideas that you can immediately implement into your business.




FREE Biz Snapshot

If you’re uncertain how the program will help you, contact us for a FREE Business Snapshot. The link will take you to a short, insightful questionnaire. Once you’ve completed it, we’ll have a complimentary strategic discussion and share actionable ideas to help your business