Rebuilding Your Customer’s Confidence

Business is fast paced today.

In your world, you’re constantly managing multiple projects and numerous customers. You also realize your customers have a choice, so you work hard to build a good relationship with them.

As you examine your customer relationships, however, here are a few questions to ponder.

– Have you had any customer service issues recently that have caused some friction?
– Are some of your customers losing confidence in you?
– Have some of your customers lost confidence in your team? Are you sure?
– Have you discussed this confidence issue at any of your recent team meetings?

As you know, gaining your customer’s confidence can take years. It takes hard work, exceeding their expectations, being there when they need you, and going above and beyond. And as long as it takes you to build their confidence, it can take only days or just one awkward situation to lose it. Yes, it can happen that quickly.

If you feel your customers are losing confidence in you or your team, here are some ideas to help you regain that confidence.

First of all, confidence starts with you and your actions. If your customer is having an issue with your business, they don’t care if it’s the order desk, the warehouse, the photocopier or even your dog. Admit fault.

Apologize and mean it when you say it. Don’t have the words sound hollow. There’s nothing that will turn a client off faster than insincere words. We’ve all experienced that.

If you sense there is something wrong with your relationship, plan to meet or talk with them as quickly as possible. Get to the real root of the problem. Ask them probing questions. Identify precisely what’s wrong, listen intently and take lots of notes. Write it down, so you can refer to it later.

Once you know the true cause of the issue, ask the customer what they feel is an appropriate solution to their issue. Often customers will ask for a lot less than you anticipate.

When you do offer your solution, make certain it will not be perceived as cheap or inadequate. If you’re in the bakery business for example, don’t try to pawn off yesterday’s stale bread as a token of your generosity. If you do this, you’ll lose them forever.

Mistakes and problems occur. It’s part of business – any business.

It’s how you handle them that will make an indelible impact on your client.

Your solution is a chance to redeem yourself and your company. Your goal is to rebuild the damaged relationship.

If you do an exceptional job solving this situation, and we mean exceptional, you have the potential to regain their confidence, and you may have the opportunity to build them into a true customer advocate.

View this customer confidence issue as a challenge. Not as an inconvenience.

If you do this, you’ll get better results.

Let us help you achieve greater business results. The results you deserve.

John Marshall
Results Driven
Business Coaching Success System

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