We recently met with a new small business client. As he talked, I noticed it. Then it happened a few more times.small business dilemma

What is ‘it’?

It’s jumping from one thing to another.  He was shifting from idea to idea, and topic to topic. It was hard to follow him or even keep up with him.

As our conversation continued, he said he felt overwhelmed. He felt frustrated. He felt tired.

I asked him how he planned his day and his week. He looked at me oddly and responded – “I don’t have time to plan.” He continued, “Between emails, voice mails, client requests, and building my business, I don’t have time.”

I then asked if he forgot to do things. I asked if he forgot to follow up with clients. I asked him if he overlooked important things. He responded – ‘yes, yes, yes’ to all of those questions.

That’s the small business owner’s dilemma: too busy to plan.

Sound familiar?

I said that I had an idea that would significantly help him and his business and minimize this dilemma.

He was open to any help and here’s an overview of what I shared.

It’s a two part solution.

First, at the start of the week, list all the important items that have to be accomplished.  Rank them with an A, B, C in terms of priority.  Second, create a daily ‘to do’ list. Every day, write down the 3 most important items that must get done that day. Then add in the other items that are important, but might not get done that day.  At the start of the next day, review your accomplishments, and then create the new ‘to do’ items, once again listing the 3 most important things that need to get done.

I asked my client if he could do this. He said he would try.

Like anything new, it takes time to develop a habit.  He started. He stopped. He started again and soon he stuck with it.  He’s a few months into this concept and the transformation with he and his business is impressive. He’s more focused, less stressed and more efficient. He even has more free time.

If you or your team are also stuck in this dilemma, we would welcome a conversation to share this simple and powerful strategy.

We’re glad to help,