As a business owner, entrepreneur or professional, you’re looking for ideas to make your business more successful. You’re also busy. We understand. That’s why we’ve created our short, dynamic, monthly Teleconference.

In only 30 minutes, you’ll learn key ideas from one of our ‘12 Success Strategies‘ in our Business Training Program. These creative strategies are unique. They’re different. They’ve been helping clients’ like you, for over 12 years, achieve greater business results.

In each Teleconference, these ideas will help you to:
  • significantly and effectively increase your revenue
  • harness your creativity to drive growth
  • maximize your efforts and minimize your time on getting results
  • sharpen your focus on revenue generating activities
  • deepen your client relations
  • communicate more effectively with your team and clients

To join the monthly FREE teleconference – you simply need to dial in to the number below. While you’re on the call, take notes. Capture these creative ideas. Most importantly, implement these ideas the next day in your company, so you’ll achieve greater results – the results you deserve.

Here are the upcoming topics:
  • January – Is Your Business Vision Crystal Clear?
  • February – How To Dramatically Accelerate Your Revenue Growth
  • March – Do You Know What The Opportunity Matrix Is? It’ll Dramatically Help Your Business
  • April – Un-Clutter & Develop New Habits To Drive Business Growth
  • May – How To Shift From An Entrepreneur To A CEO Mindset
  • June – Deepen Client Relationships And Increase Revenue With Creative Questions
  • July – Is Your Business Really Embracing And Adapting To Change?
  • August – How To Develop An Opportunity Mindset For Your Business.
  • September – Have You Defined Your Uniqueness To Maximize Your Growth?
  • October – How To Communicate Effectively To Different Personalities
  • November – Do You Have Terrific Client Relationships? You Should
  • December – Do You Understand The Power Of The Buying Pyramid?
Dial-In Information

Conference Dial-In: (206) 307-0000
Outside The US: 604-484-0530
Participant Access Code: 3380496 #

Plan on joining the call a few minutes early and bring something to take notes, as we’ll be sharing terrific, results-driven strategies.

Upcoming Teleconferences:

Is Your Business Really Embracing And Adapting To Change?
(Success Strategy #12  In Our Program)

Date:  Thurs. July 13th
Time: 8:30am PT; 11:30am ET
Total Time: 30 Minutes

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in today. The speed of change affects your business. Do you embrace change or do you resist it?

Join us for just 30 minutes and you’ll learn how to capitalize on change. You’ll better understand how to embrace change. You’ll learn some specific ideas you can use tomorrow to change your business to increase your revenue, growth and overall success.


How To Develop An Opportunity Mindset For Your Business
(Success Strategy #10  In Our Program)

Date:  Thurs. August 17th
Time: 8:30am PT; 11:30am ET
Total Time: 30 Minutes

Too many entrepreneurs and small business professionals often hinder their business growth by not taking action. They come up with a myriad of excuses. They have a self-limiting attitude. In this dynamic teleconference – podcast, you’re going to learn to develop an opportunity mindset. That is a mindset that allows you to take on new challenges and a desire to try new things, so you can improve your company’s performance, and achieve greater business results.

Dial the conference number above, and then enter the access code, on the date of our call.


Have You Defined Your Uniqueness To Maximize Your Growth?
(Success Strategy #2  In Our Program)

Date:  Thurs. September 21st
Time: 8:30am PT; 11:30am ET
Total Time: 30 Minutes

When you define your company’s uniqueness, you become more than just a commodity in your client’s eyes. When you communicate your uniqueness, you don’t have to compete on price anymore. Your uniqueness elevates you above your competition. It differentiates you. It shows your clients your additional value, and how you are the only one qualified to help them. Join us for another dynamic podcast/teleconference to learn new strategies to help you achieve even greater business results.


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