How To Significantly Increase Your Revenue

When it comes to developing and getting new business, entrepreneurs rarely have a defined system. They often wing it. They may have success, but when the success begins to wane, they struggle with what to do next. This struggle is intensified when they are not comfortable in a sales role. With our system, you’ll learn how to become more confident, comfortable, and successful in generating ongoing revenue, and how to take a systematic approach to maximizing your company’s revenue growth for the future.

How Is Your Company Vision – Crystal Clear?

As an entrepreneur, small business owner or professional, you have a movie that’s in your head about how you see your business. You can see where you want to go. You can see what you need to do. You can see the potential. But, it’s still a struggle to get there. Sound familiar? In this dynamic 30 minute recording, you’ll learn practical, powerful ideas to create your vision – see it become your reality, and grow your business.


Un-Clutter & Develop New Habits To Drive Business Growth

One of the biggest energy drains for entrepreneurs is clutter. When their world is too disorganized, it affects their success. This Success Strategy is teaching and empowering you to un-clutter. After you un-clutter, we’ll teach you new habits to stay organized, which will help you to renew your focus and your confidence, and maximize your results going forward.


What’s The Opportunity Matrix? It’ll Significantly Help Your Business

Every business can be even more successful when they learn, embrace and use ‘The Opportunity Matrix’. In this Teleconference you’ll learn how entrepreneurs and small business owners just like you, are using this tool to achieve even greater results in their business.


What Does An Iceberg Have To Do With Business Growth? Everything

Entrepreneurs know that an iceberg is 80% below water and 20% above. Below the waterline is where a client’s issues, challenges, frustrations, and opportunities hide. Successful entrepreneurs spend their time below the client’s waterline because this is where they get their greatest rewards and revenue. To get below the waterline, you’ll learn and master one very vital skill: asking questions. We devote one complete Teleconference to mastering the power and pay-off of asking deeper questions.


Shifting From An Entrepreneur To A CEO Mindset

Many Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners have trouble making the transition from thinking as a ‘small’ business owner to acting and strategizing like a CEO. Why?  It’s not easy to think like a CEO. After all, what is a CEO supposed to think like? Most entrepreneurs feel that CEO is too big a title. It can be too ego driven.  And isn’t the title CEO reserved for corporations? In this dynamic 30 minute Teleconference, you’ll learn how to shift your mindset from Entrepreneur to CEO and how it will have a significant impact on driving greater results for your business.


How To Develop An Opportunity Mindset

Too many entrepreneurs, small business professionals and professionals, hinder their business growth by not taking action. They come up with a myriad of excuses. They have a self-limiting attitude. In this dynamic Teleconference, you’re going to learn key strategies on how to develop an Opportunity Mindset. That is a mindset that allows you to take on new challenges and a desire to try new things, so you can improve your  performance and the results of your business.


Is Your Business Embracing And Adapting To Change?

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in today. The speed of change affects every business. Some entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals embrace change and others are more resistant. In this dynamic Teleconference, you’ll learn how to effectively deal with change. You’ll understand how to capitalize on it and harness change to be more successful. You’ll learn the impact Millennial’s will have on your business and you’ll realize that change includes using more data within your business to make better decisions.


How To Communicate Effectively To Different Personalities

Understanding how a person communicates can aid you tremendously in dealing with them. It will help you to analyze their behavior and adjust your own communication style to build rapport. By adjusting your style, it will also help you to achieve your goals. There are four main types of communication: Analytical; Driver; Amiable and Expressive. Understanding each type will greatly assist you when you are meeting with potential clients. In this Success Strategy, you’ll learn how to deal effectively with each type to help you achieve greater results for your business.


Have You Defined Your Uniqueness To Maximize Your Revenue?

When you define your company’s uniqueness, you become more than just a commodity in your client’s eyes. When you communicate your uniqueness, you don’t have to compete on price. Your uniqueness elevates you above your competition. It differentiates you. It shows your clients your additional value, and how you are the only one qualified to help them.


Do You Understand The Power Of The Buying Pyramid?

Not everyone is ready to buy your product or service when you’re ready to sell. In the Buying Pyramid, you will learn that very few potential clients are prepared to make a buying decision immediately. Since they will not buy quickly, it is important to understand how to keep each potential opportunity interested in your product. In this Teleconference, you’ll learn the importance of follow up, as well as, educating them on the value of your product or service, which will help them to become your next client.


Do You Have Terrific Client Relationships? You Should

Many business owners often don’t know vital and important information about their existing customers. They’ve built a satisfactory relationship, but all too often there is a lot of potential that is untapped with their existing client base. In our Teleconference, we’ll teach you creative strategies to help you to analyze your customers and unlock the full potential of your relationships.