What Does Soap Have To Do With Your Business?

We all know what soap is.

We use it in some form every day.

What does soap have to do with your business?

Well it’s not soap itself; rather it’s what I noticed about a bar of soap at two different hotels.

Let me explain.

In the course of a few short weeks, we stayed at hotels in Portland Oregon, and in Las Vegas. These two hotels were both independent, and neither were part of a chain.

At each hotel, the bars of soap had simple and unique enhancements made to them.

One of the bars of soap had 9 small circular bumps molded into the bottom of it. They had done this, so when the soap was put down, the bottom of the bar would now be slightly elevated, and it would dry faster. This would eliminate the soap from being soggy and wet when you used it again.

The second unique bar of soap had the middle portion hollowed out, and looked very much like a donut. When we use a bar of soap it shrinks with usage. Eventually it’s a tiny bar of soap that is discarded. By taking out this middle section when it is milled, it eliminates this waste. This unique design feels good in the hand, and is good for the environment, as it eliminates the small bars of soap that we throw out.

These simple yet powerful design changes make a commodity like soap even better.

What do these soap innovations have to do with your business?

– If savvy soap producers can improve their product, what can you do with your product or service?
– When was the last time you enhanced, modified or slightly changed your product or service?
– What one change you could make to your product, so is it more beneficial to your customers?

If you struggle for new ideas or new concepts, ask your employees. You might even want to ask some of your clients’ as they are often a great source for innovative ideas.

Innovative and creative ideas are everywhere.

If you continually look for ways to improve your product or service, you’ll achieve greater business results.

And if you want to accelerate your business growth we can help.

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