• Are you puzzled because some of your franchisees aren’t more successful?
  • Are some of your franchisees failing to reach their goals?
  • Are your franchisees taking time to plan or are they in reactive mode?
  • Do franchisees feel they’re getting good value from their royalty fees?
  • Are you frustrated because you know your franchisees are capable of more?
  • Would you like to improve your franchisee satisfaction?

We Know Franchisees Shouldn’t Struggle

As the franchisor, you don’t want your franchisees to struggle. If they continually feel overwhelmed, their success will wane. If their struggle continues too long, they might close their business. This will impact your fees and your franchise statistics. We understand.

Results Driven’s very first client was a franchisee. Jenny had the talent. She had the drive. But she was struggling. We began to mentor her one-2-one. We helped her create a plan for the year, that included 60-day goals and actions. We taught her new strategies to help her focus, prioritize and execute. Within 5 months, we doubled her revenue.

What Makes Our Franchisee Training So Beneficial?

It’s based on working with clients in over 30 industries – including franchisors. It’s our deep understanding of ‘how to’ make every franchisee more successful. The Results Driven 5-Part Framework is based on proven business tools and insights.

What’s Your Number?

1 Year Plan

60 Day Goals


Success Strategies

1/ What’s Your Number? The framework starts with the insightful business scorecard. For the first time ever, each franchisee will finally know why their business strong, weak, or underperforming, because they’ll know their vital number.

2/ 1 Year Plan - Once we know their number, we’ll introduce them to a powerful idea – planning. The best franchisees plan for the year. They’re going to start to do this with our guidance.

3/ 60 Day Goals – To keep them focused, on track and accountable; they’ll set powerful and compelling goals in 60-day increments.

4/ Optimizer - With our guidance they’re going to establish KPI’s (key performance indicators), so they’ll learn to organize, prioritize and optimize their franchise

5/ Success Strategies - Highly successful franchisees like to learn, so we’ll teach them 12 Success Strategies that are creative, unique, practical and results-driven


Gordon Haslam
President & Founder, Ledgers

"We’ve been working with Results Driven for years. Their mentoring helps our franchisees to plan, focus, implement, while building their confidence. They’re so effective, that we’ve had them speak at many of our national conferences."

You’re Going To Notice A Change

You’re going to notice a transformation in your franchisees – very quickly. A transformation in their mindset and their business. With our business mentoring and proven business tools, you’ll no longer be puzzled, as your franchisees will be significantly more successful.

Most franchisees are overwhelmed and frustrated with day-2-day activities because they don’t know one vital number. Our business scorecard: ‘What’s Your Number?’ will help them discover why they’re overwhelmed. They’ll learn if their business is: weak, strong or underperforming – on a scale out of 100. Click above to request a copy.