• Is your practice generating the income you deserve?
  • Do you find it challenging to consistently gain new clients?
  • Could you benefit learning new ideas from peers at an annual conference?
  • Do you wish your business had multiple streams of revenue?
  • Do you feel isolated in your business?
  • Would you like to be part of something bigger than just your practice?

The Consultants Dilemma

As a consultant or coach, you decided to enter this profession because you wanted to help. You realize however, having a successful, thriving practice isn’t easy. Too often you struggle, and you shouldn’t.

As a potential new consultant entering this field, you also want to help. You’ve heard from your friends and colleagues that building a successful, ongoing practice is possible, but you know it’s not easy.  We understand.

The Results Driven Story

I started Results Driven, by asking a potential client one question. She said ‘okay’, and my company was launched.

At the time, I was working in a full-time position as a Sales & Marketing Director. Part of my responsibility was to continuously look for new opportunities. I called up an owner of a company who I did not know, and we decided to meet. I thought our meeting went extremely well. Near the end, I asked if she was interested in doing a joint venture. She told me ‘no’. I was surprised. Then she surprised me more. She said she wanted to hire me, as her Marketing Director. I was stunned. I explained that I wasn’t interested in a job, and there must have been some miscommunication.

I was about to leave. I turned and asked her one question. “I’ve always wanted to have my own consulting company. Would she consider being my first client?”

She said “okay”. That’s how I launched my company.

Within 5 months, I doubled her revenue. That early success planted the idea to create Results Driven.

Something However Wasn’t Right

After that first client, I gained more clients, but I knew something wasn’t right. I couldn’t initially uncover it. Then one day I discovered what it was. It was simple, and it would have a big impact on my future. I didn’t have any systems to follow or product to refer to. Instead, I was winging it. I was very good at winging it, but I didn’t have any innovative business tools.

This became evident when I had to find new clients. Too often, I would hear from them – ‘what do you do, again?’  Or, you sound like the last consultant, who didn’t help us.


This was frustrating. I knew I could help them, but they didn’t understand. I decided after one meeting I was going to do something about it. I was going to create a product, materials and a system which clearly communicated what Results Driven did, and more importantly how we could help them.

The materials, tools and the framework we have today came from that ‘aha moment’. We’ve been using these innovative business tools with our clients in over 30 industries, for over a decade.

Results Driven – Licensee Overview

Below is a brief overview of the Licensing opportunity. We’ve summarized it into 4 areas.

Revenue Streams

Proven Tools

Ongoing Training

Marketing Plan

Revenue Streams

As a consultant you usually only have one revenue stream. With Results Driven you’ll have 4 streams of revenue. They’ve been carefully designed and proven, so you’ll have ongoing income.

Proven Tools

The workbooks, training materials, processes and systems are all proven. They have been revised, tweaked and refined based on Results Driven’s highly successful clients. The founder of Results Driven – John Marshall, uses these same tools with his clients.

Ongoing Training

One of the issues we identified years ago, was how lonely it can be when you’re a coach or consultant, on your own. Yes, you have friends and associates you can discuss business issues with, but who can really give you guidance and direction?  As a new licensee, you’ll have extensive initial training. More importantly you’ll receive on-going training.  Our licensee’s training is designed with one goal. Ensure you’re successful. Period. Everything we’ve created will ensure that will happen.

Marketing Plan

We’re going to help you to create your own marketing plan. It’s step-by-step and it will quickly help you to become successful. We’ll share exactly what we do to be very successful.

Next Steps

If you’re already a consultant, coach, or even starting out on your own, let’s have a conversation. There’s no need for you to continue to struggle. We’ve developed a proven product and system that’s financially rewarding.