• Is your day spent doing too many day-2-day activities?
  • Are you frustrated because you’re not executing your ideas?
  • Is your lack of planning causing you to be in reactive mode?
  • Do you struggle to capture new opportunities?
  • Is your lack of processes and procedures causing aggravation?
  • Are you often feeling overwhelmed?

We’ve Heard These Same Problems

You recognize that your business needs help. Too often you’re overwhelmed. You understand that you don’t know how to fix your business. We’ve heard these same problems from our clients in over 30 industries, for over a decade.

What Makes Results Driven So Different?

What’s Your Number?

1 Year Plan

60 Day Goals


Success Strategies

We have a deep understanding of ‘how to’ make every business more successful. It’s based on working with clients in over 30 industries. These companies range from simple businesses to practices that are very complex. We had a front row seat in helping these clients and capturing their best practices.  We’ve taken all that knowledge, expertise and experience to create The Results Driven 5-Part Framework.

1/ What’s Your Number? The framework starts with the insightful business scorecard: ‘What’s Your Number?’. For the first time ever, you’ll finally know why your business is weak, strong, or underperforming. That’s the power of knowing your vital number.

2/ 1 Year Plan - Once we know your number, we’ll help you to design your one-year plan. It’s probably something you’ve never done before. The most successful companies plan for the year.

3/ 60 Day Goals – To keep you focused, on track and accountable, you’ll set powerful and compelling goals in 60-day increments.

4/ Optimizer - With our guidance you’re going to establish KPI’s (key performance indicators), so you’ll learn to organize, prioritize and optimize your business.

5/ Success Strategies - Highly successful people like to learn, so we’ll teach you 12 Success Strategies that are creative, unique, practical and results-driven.

Most professionals are overwhelmed and frustrated with day-2-day activities because they don’t know one vital number. Our business scorecard: What’s Your Number? is the first part of our 5-part framework. Click above to request your FREE copy.

Matt Bratlien & GL Dart
Co-Owners, Net-Tech

"Because Results Driven has consulted in other industries, not just I.T., they bring us unique perspectives on what highly successful businesses focus on. It’s been highly valuable and profitable for us."

You’re Going To Notice A Change

You’re going to notice something special. We call it a transformation. A transformation in you and your business. You’ll be more focused. More confident. You’ll have an actionable, written plan for your business. You’ll have proven tools to help you prioritize your opportunities. You’ll no longer feel frustrated being trapped doing day-2-day activities.

You’re thinking of hiring a consulting company because you’re tired of not being rewarded for your hard work.  You might, however, be a little reluctant as you’ve had a bad experience, or you’re not sure what to look for.  You recognize that your business needs help. You understand that you don’t know how to fix your problems. You also feel that if you’re going to get help, you deserve a company that delivers results.

We’ve heard these same problems from our clients in over 30 industries, for over a decade.  Our clients are like you. They’re professionals, franchisees and entrepreneurs. They want the same things you do. So, how have we mentored them to achieve greater business results? We start with one focused, highly effective tool.

Do You Know What’s Wrong With Your Business?

If we asked you to identify what’s really wrong with your business, would you know?  Few business owners do. That’s because you lack one vital number. That’s why we created our insightful business tool we call - What’s Your Number? It gives you a ‘number’ on how strong or weak your business is. This unique tool also benchmarks your business in 6 key areas. That’s vitally important because if those areas are not strong, no matter how hard you work, you’ll never be rewarded for your efforts. Imagine - how helpful it would be to know your ‘number’?

Do You Want To Know Your Number?

When our clients learn their number for the first time, they’re shocked. They’re surprised. They’re also relieved, as they finally know their ‘number’ and why they’re not being rewarded for their hard work. Would you like to know your ‘number’?

Your Strategic Plan

Once we both know how strong or weak your business is, we introduce you to a powerful idea – planning. With our business mentoring, you’ll create a strategic plan. It’s not overwhelming or too fancy. It’s a plan that will help your business be significantly more successful. It’ll help you to focus. You’ll get better at prioritizing. You’ll learn how to implement your ideas instead of letting them linger.

Success Strategies

In addition to helping you create your plan, we’ve discovered that highly successful people like to learn. That’s why we designed 12 Success Strategies that we’ll teach you. These aren’t the typical strategies you’ve heard before. They’ve been designed based on best practices from over 30 industries, that you’ll apply directly to your business to have greater success.

One-2-One Mentoring

As you’re learning new strategies, you’ll have one-2-one mentoring. This is very important asit  will ensure you’re applying all the new creative ideas you’re learning. Your mentoring will be laser focused on your situation. We might, for example, discuss how to capitalize on opportunities. How to overcome challenges. How to deal with team members. This mentoring will keep you focused, accountable and help you maintain your momentum.

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We’re in a fast moving, ever changing industry – I.T.  We need to always be strategically thinking of our next moves. We value our consulting partnership with Results Driven. Since they’re involved with so many other industries, not just I.T., they bring us unique perspectives on what highly successful businesses are focused on. Their mentoring to us, as owners, as well as, our leaders is always creative, innovative and pertinent, and continuously helps us to drive growth and profitability.

We’ll Help You To Avoid Struggling

As a business professional, we know how easy it is to struggle. You have blind spots that regularly creep into your business. Often, it’s difficult to know what to do next, and how to do it. It’s frustrating to work in situations where you’re not appreciated, and with clients that are difficult. Too many business owners continue to struggle, while falsely thinking, one day it’s going to change or get better. Rarely does that happen. We’re going to help you to avoid this struggle, just like we’ve done with our clients in over 30 industries.

Your Transformation

With our business mentoring,you’re going to notice a transformation – very quickly. There will be a transformation in you and a transformation in your business. You’ll receive the help you need. You’ll identify and resolve your issues.  You no longer will feel trapped on the treadmill of day-2-day activities. You’ll be more focused. You’ll have created your written plan for the future of your business. You’ll have a rewarding future, which also includes more free time.

Do You Want To Know Your Number?

If we asked you to identify what’s really wrong with your business, would you know? Our unique business tool can help you to finally identify why you’re not being rewarded for your hard work. Would you like to know your ‘number’?