We have a deep understanding of ‘how to’ make every business more successful. It’s based on working with clients in over 30 industries. These companies range from simple businesses to practices that are very complex. We had a front row seat in helping these clients and capturing their best practices.  We’ve taken all that knowledge, expertise and experience to create The Results Driven 5-Part Framework.

5 Part Framework

1/ What’s Your Number? The framework starts with the insightful business scorecard: ‘What’s Your Number?’. For the first time ever, you’ll finally know why your business is weak, strong, or underperforming. That’s the power of knowing your vital number.

2/ 1 Year Plan - Once we know your number, we’ll help you to design your one-year plan. It’s probably something you’ve never done before. The most successful companies plan for the year.

3/ 60 Day Goals – To keep you focused, on track and accountable, you’ll set powerful and compelling goals in 60-day increments.

4/ Optimizer - With our guidance you’re going to establish KPI’s (key performance indicators), so you’ll learn to organize, prioritize and optimize your business.

5/ Success Strategies - Highly successful people like to learn, so we’ll teach you 12 Success Strategies that are creative, unique, practical and results-driven.

How did we get started?

John Marshall is the founder of Results Driven. He is a thought leader and authority on small business. After graduating from business school, he met entrepreneurs worldwide and discovered something very powerful. Too many entrepreneurs were trapped on the treadmill of day-2-day activities. They struggled because they lacked focus, a defined plan and the ability to prioritize. They knew deep down their business should be more rewarding.

John knew he could help. Drawing on skills he learned at Procter & Gamble, his business degree, and best practices from consulting in over 30 industries, he developed a 5-part training framework that gets results.